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How to Set Time in a Smartwatch?

Normally, smartwatches display the correct date and time as they are linked to a network with the help of a smartphone. However, even if the time is misaligned you get an option to correct the settings following a few easy steps. In this blog, you will get simplified guidance on how to set time in a smartwatch with or without using a mobile application.

This guide is being presented to help people who sometimes get confused adjusting their clock settings in one-buttoned LED watches. Often these gadgets come with a unique manual but as you get accustomed it becomes easy to use these smartwatches.

In case you are wearing a high-end smartwatch, you can change its time settings even without opening the application. The watch’s full touch terminal allows you to set the time as well as its format just with a few taps. It simply means that you may choose the convenient 12-hour format or the 24-hour system as well, whichever suits you. Moreover, some of the coolest features in these devices allow you to keep on changing the watch faces and even edit them as per your mood.

Have you ever wondered how to change time on smartwatch? Not sure if your smartwatch is working properly? Today I’m going to help you make sure you have the latest time and date on your watch by showing you a quick and easy way to change time on your new or old smartwatch.

You can change the time on a smartwatch in your wrist watch settings.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your smartwatch and select “Date & time”.
  2. Select “Automatic date & time” if you want your smartwatch to sync its time with your smartphone, or “Manual date & time” if you want to set the date and time manually.
  3. Select “Set date” if you want to change the date, or “Set time” to change the time.

Now that you’ve learn how to change the time on your smartwatch, you can enjoy a new watch face and customize it how you like. Good luck on your next adventure!

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